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Here in Grand Cayman, I love using work-outs for clients I am #training that are quick, hard and effective. I am a huge fan of #EMOM (every minute on the minute) workouts as they pack a lot of effort into a small amount of time for maximum impact. It's a great to do with a group of people regardless of #fitness levels. Whether you're outside and doing an EMOM work-out with body weight or doing one in the gym with weights, it is going to increase your heart rate dramatically, which means more burnt calories in the hours after your workout. I advocate having repetition goal(s) for people to reach each minute as that encourages intensity. The faster you burn through the reps, the faster you get to rest portion of the minute and the longer you get to rest. Naturally as the workout progresses you will slow down and you will end up having less rest, which makes the work-out even tougher.

Having a duration goal when you start is highly motivational. Aim to push for 20, 30 or 40 minutes keeping in mind that the longer the work-out the more difficult it becomes. Form needs to be prioritized as no workout is worth an injury or creating bad habits in your movement patterns. Not doing exercises through the proper range of motion obviously leads to less gains. Doing exercises with proper form not only helps prevent short-term injury but it also ensures that the muscles develop properly, which leads to less long-term injuries.

Sample EMOM Workout:

10 Pushups or 10 Dips

10 Squats

20 Mountain Climbers

If you try out this workout, take a picture or a video - post it on social media and tag @caymanmovement as well as use the hashtag #caymanmovement, you will receive 25 % off your next session with us.

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